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acne detox

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Este obligatoriu să cunoașteți puterea dispozitivului pentru a alege convertorul de putere adecvat. Convertoare de alimentare recomandate cumpărați acum. Detalii despre produs Reduces acne - Our moisturizing Green Tea facial mask draws out toxins and cleans clogged pores of excess oils and dirt, and so can help reduce acne and pull out blackheads. All the while replacing that with healthy, natural vitamins and acne detox that our skin loves.

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After the first wash, your skin will be left feeling clean and soft with a radiant glow. Nothing like keeping your skin healthy and exfoliating with a hydrating detox face mask.

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Our Teami mask with anti aging properties can increase the elasticity of skin giving it a more healthy look and the best beauty treatment. Give your skin a healthy glow - You don't have to walk around with dull, unnatural looking skin!

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These vitamins and minerals are known for their healing properties promoting skin hydration, accelerated cell regeneration, decreasing inflammmation, and improving blood vessel tone resulting in softer skin and glowing look.

How to use - Apply the Teami face mask to slightly dampened skin, covering your entire face or use a spot treatment on specific areas. Allow mask to dry fully, usually minutes.

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You can tell the detox mask is fully done doing its job when it has turned a lighter green color and is fully dry. Remove with warm water and damp dry with a towel.

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Acne detox suggest application times per week or as needed for your skin type.