Alcohol detox symptoms

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The medical records of patients hospitalized in Nowowiejski Hospital in Warsaw from to were reviewed using a structured questionnaire. Investigating the role of kindling, a course of consecutive AW episodes of patients hospitalized several times was analyzed. The relationships of withdrawal seizures with the duration of alcohol abuse, the number of prior detoxification episodes, and other variables were also studied.

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Increasing severity of AW symptoms was observed during the course of consecutive episodes in First-ever withdrawal seizures occurred more frequently in patients with head injury in the past and with coexisting symptoms of alcohol liver disease.

Occurrence of withdrawal seizures and DTs did not correlate with the number of previous withdrawal episodes or with the length of period of intensive drinking.

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We concluded that the kindling model could be applied only to some cases in the development of AW seizures alcohol detox symptoms DTs. Kindling should be considered as one of the multiple mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of AW delirium.